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Monopoly Albertsons 2023 – Albertsons Monopoly Game gives you a great chance to win cash prizes. To grab this prizes you need to visit and submit your entry by filling out the given form. For further information read below.

 Albertsons Monopoly Game – Monopoly Albertsons 2022 | Albertsons Monopoly Game

Eligibility:- Participants must be 18 years old or more and should be residents of the united states and the district of Columbia.

Last date of Entry:- May 4, 2023

Prizes:- Albertsons Monopoly Game Board 2023, you might win the $1,000,000 grand prize.

Monopoly Albertsons 2023 | Albertsons Monopoly Game
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Here’s what to know about the Albertsons Monopoly Game.

  • When does the Albertsons monopoly end? The game ends on May 4, 2023 or when all game tickets are distributed.
  • The Albertsons Monopoly 2021 app can be found on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store by searching for “Shop Play Win Monopoly“.
  • Albertson, Safeway, Pavilion, CARRS, VONS, Randall’s, Eagle, Pak ‘n Save, Tom Bumb, Jewel-Osco, ACME Markets, Star Market in Shaw / Market States, United Supermarket, Market Street, Amigos, United Express, Albertsons Market And Lucky (Southern California only).

Albertsons Monopoly 2023 Rare Pieces

Below is a list of all Safeway Monopoly Rare Pieces 2023. Be sure to come back every time you get Albertsons Monopoly pieces to find out if you got rare ones.

  • $1,000,000 Cash
    • Rare Piece: A606F
    • Semi-Rare Game Piece: A601A
    • Common Pieces: A602B, A603C, A604D, A605E, A607G
  • $250,000 Vacation Home
    • Rare Piece: B611D
    • Semi-Rare Game Piece: B614G
    • Common Pieces: B608A, B609B, B610C, B612E, B613F
  • $100,000 Cash or Boat
    • Rare Piece: M656A
    • Semi-Rare Game Piece: M659D
    • Common Pieces: M657B, M658C, M660E, M661F
  • $40,000 Vehicle of Choice
    • Rare Piece: J643B
    • Semi-Rare Game Piece: J646E
    • Common Pieces: J642A, J644C, J645D, J647F
  • $25,000 Home Theater
    • Rare Piece: F630D
    • Semi-Rare Game Piece: F631C
    • Common Pieces: F633A, F632B, F629E, F628F
  • $10,000 Cash
    • Rare Piece: C615E
    • Semi-Rare Game Piece: C618B
    • Common Pieces: C619A, C617C, C616D
  • $5,000 Groceries
    • Rare Piece: P667D
    • Common Pieces: P670A, P669B, P668C
  • $1,000 Cash
    • Rare Piece: N663C
    • Common Pieces: N665A, N664B, N662D
  • $500 Portable Grill & Groceries
    • Rare Piece: L653B
    • Common Pieces: L652A, L654C, L655D
  • $250 Grocery Gift Card
    • Rare Piece: K649B
    • Common Pieces: K648A, K650C, K651D
  • $100 Grocery Gift Card
    • Rare Piece: H641A
    • Common Pieces: H640B, H639C, H638D
  • $50 Grocery Gift Card
    • Rare Piece: G635C
    • Common Pieces: G637A, G636B, G634D
  • $20 Grocery Gift Card
    • Rare Piece: E625C
    • Common Pieces: E627A, E626B, E624D
  • $5 Cash
    • Rare Piece: D623A
    • Common Pieces: D622B, D621C, D620D

Do you have information regarding the Albertsons Monopoly rare pieces? Let us know in the comments below and we will update this post accordingly.

The Monopoly Albertsons runs from March 3, 2023, to May 4, 2023. Good luck!

Note:- If the entry page doesn’t work don’t worry go to the home page for more exciting online sweepstakes.

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