5 Common mistakes everyone should do while entering Sweepstakes

When entering sweepstakes, everyone should do some common Sweepstakes mistakes. there are rules and guidelines that we all must follow. We know that! But, did you know that there are other mistakes you can make that cost you your chances of winning? This is correct!

common sweepstakes mistakes
common sweepstakes mistakes

Everything from using the wrong types of form-filling tools on your computer to leaving out little bits of information can be an easy fix that will have you racing for your favorite prizes and making you feel like winning sweepstakes is easy.

5 Common mistakes everyone should do while entering Sweepstakes

Let me tell you all about the most common lottery mistakes I see that can be easily remedied!

1. Check your email daily! (You may have a winner’s notice)

I know this sounds pretty simple, right?

  • But, there are a lot of people who create an email address for the sole purpose of using it only for contests or freebies.
  • They don’t check their email enough and then suddenly BLAM.
  • They have received an email saying that they have won.

Lots of lottery companies give you a small window (just a few days) to claim your prize. If you only check this email address every two weeks, you could miss out on a great prize by not seeing the winning email.

How can you fix that? Make sure to add the best lottery sites to your contact list and mark their emails as “important” so you can always see them. This will help you find their emails in a crowded inbox.

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2. Read the rules

We all click on hundreds of websites on the internet these days that we get to the point where we check the box that says “I accept the rules” without paying attention to the rules themselves!

So be sure to read the rules of the contest sites. Some may state that you must be of a certain age to enter or live in a certain area or meet other types of requirements.

What a problem if you win the prize and then realize you don’t qualify because you didn’t read the rules, right?

Reading these rules takes about 5 minutes of your time. You only need to do this once. But it will save you a huge headache later on!

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3. Surrender Too Soon

  • I’ve seen this happen a lot.
  • You will be entered into sweepstakes.
  • But you will give up in a week or two, maybe after a month.
  • You’ll give up because you feel overwhelmed or feel like it was a waste of time Or even feel like you should have won instead of someone else.
  • I’ve been getting emails from users that lottery alerts are a scam because they haven’t won after a week.
  • And they will not enter the giveaway again!
  • Random sweepstakes! You cannot be a winner.
  • There is no difference between playing a week and a year.

With the sweepstakes, persistence pays off big. We all want to win the best lottery and fast. But we have to put time and effort into this lottery. There are people who spent a few years getting in (without winning) and then suddenly hit the jackpot!

Believe me, all the time you spend getting in is worth it when you finally win. I was there! I entered for a year every month to win a book from my favorite author. However, I didn’t give up, and I finally won after 13 posts (i.e. 13 months).

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4. Complain to the lottery website about not winning

  • I see a lot of people complaining about not winning the lottery.
  • They send an email to tell the company that they are going to give up completely!

I can tell you that complaining to the lottery site about your chances of winning, not liking who won, or anything else won’t help your chances.

Not only that, but it makes you feel negative! And as we all know, feeling negativity doesn’t help your chances of winning a sweepstake.

The people who run these sites work hard to keep things fair for everyone so you have a great chance of winning. While doing so, they are also working hard to find the money for new prizes for all the awesome users on their site!

5. Read the rules. But do not follow them!

  • This is the worst mistake you can make with a sweepstakes site.
  • Every sweepstakes site puts in place a set of rules to keep users safe and give them the best possible chance of winning with fairness.
  • If a user does not abide by the rules, it spoils the chances of every user of the site.

I know my favorite PrizeGrab for my lottery site is safe because they make sure there are no duplicate email addresses in their database that you enter for prizes and get duplicate entries.

This is in their rules! They hold everyone accountable. So, make sure when you enter sweepstakes that you not only read the rules but also follow them! It will also prevent you from being disqualified if you win!

Thank you for reading 5 common sweepstakes mistakes! If you have any questions at all about the kinds of mistakes you might make (or need tips on how to win), feel free to call me and ask them away!

Now you are aware of these common mistakes that everyone should do while entering sweepstakes, avoid winning daily huge numbers of sweepstakes and giveaways. I hope you know what should do or not while entering sweepstakes. Enjoy your winnings ❤️

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